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Yoga Teacher Training Introduction
Imagine yourself teaching a yoga class. You move around the room with confidence, giving each student individual attention and guidance. One student came in with whiplash – you give him specific poses to keep him safe and help him heal.

Across the room, another student kicks up into headstand unassisted – for the first time ever. She’s all smiles and excitement.

If you’ve never taught yoga before, you can’t imagine how rewarding it can be. There’s nothing that quite matches the good feeling of helping another human being live a happy, healthy, pain-free life.

The 200-hour course in the College of Purna Yoga is the first step to making that dream a reality. Then the 300-hour course takes you deeper… gives you more tools for helping your students… gives you the confidence of knowing you’re one of the best teachers out there.

No other teacher training program brings together all the aspects of yoga. In the Foundation Level course, you will…

Build strength and flexibility, and heal injuries. Harness the detail and elegance of the physical practice of asana and create amazing results in your own body.
Find peace and joy in all life’s experiences. Explore the natural energetics of the body, mind and spirit to create a calm mind amidst the whirlwind of life.
Gain powerful insights you can use in daily life. Ancient yogic philosophy is astonishingly relevant even in our modern world!
Cultivate energy and vibrant health. Discover the surprising link between yoga and nutrition.
Eliminate what is holding you back. Create a lifestyle that supports your practice and your growth.
When you put these powerful tools to work in your own life, you empower your students to do the same. This aspect of the training alone will put you in the top 5% of yoga teachers in the world.

Choose either the 200 Hour or the 500 Hour course to learn more…

Do you want to learn to teach safe, joyful yoga classes?
Would you like to enrich your own personal yoga and meditation practice?
Do you want to connect more fully with your Soul’s purpose for your life?
Is it important to you to study from experienced teachers who live what they teach?
Then begin your journey with the Purna Yoga Foundation Level!

The Foundation Level has two components, and both work equally to enhance your skills in teaching and in life:

First, learn technical knowledge on how to teach yoga that is safe, effective, transformative, and accessible to all body types. The foundational curriculum of teaching Purna Yoga, the whole of yoga, includes:

Asana (yoga poses with a focus on alignment for safety)
Breath work
The application of yogic philosophy to daily life
Nutrition and lifestyle
Plus, anatomy, physiology, sequencing, injuries and health concerns, business, the poetry of presentation, and much more!
Second, deepen your own spiritual connection so you practice and teach from the heart, and live a yogic lifestyle. The practice and teaching of yoga can grow your ego; however, this program will teach you how to use yoga and meditation to open you heart and welcome more of your soul into your body. It is through your connection to your soul that you will find:

True confidence and leadership
Intuition to guide your teaching and life
Clarity for your decisions
Longevity and true healing
oyful self-expression of life’s purpose
A unlimited energy source – Light – which is a powerful upgrade from prana or chi
Emerge from this training with:

A new found love for your practice and appreciation for the many gifts it offers
The confidence and knowledge to teach a variety of safe, joyful yoga classes
The inspiration to connect to your highest wisdom so you can feel and be more alive
A 304 page manual by Aadil Palkhivala, a resource that will serve you for a lifetime
Come discover the difference between yoga done from prana and yoga done from Light; between yoga of the mind, and the Purna Yoga approach to yoga from the heart. You will soon discover that there is no other teacher training program like the College of Purna Yoga.

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The 500 Hour Level offers aspiring yoga professionals a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of teaching asana, meditation and abundant living. This 300 hour training builds upon the foundation you received in your 200 Hour Training, giving you more information, tools and knowledge you can use to help your students. The 500 Hour Level also helps you establish a lifestyle of integrity and commitment to health and well-being.

Develop the lifestyle that supports your practice and your teaching.

This course gives you deep technical knowledge on how to teach safe yoga that inspires your students. In addition, the course covers therapeutics – a high-demand specialty – as well as anatomy, how to teach with integrity, how to help your students grow and shine, and the business of being a yoga professional.

You will also focus on your own spiritual connection, and intuition as a teacher, empowering you to teach yoga from the heart instead of from the head. This is how you live with integrity, because the world needs you to bring out the gifts and authenticity of the True You. Learn these essential qualities with Savitri’s Heartfull Meditation™, philosophy and years of wisdom.

When you complete this training you will be certified by The College of Purna Yoga™ at the 500 hour level.

Alive and Shine Center is the home of the College of Purna Yoga specializing in alignment, safety-based asana and heart-based Heartfull Meditation. Created by the owners of ASC, you’ll truly learn more about who you are.

500 Hour course to learn more…

The 2,000 hour Certificate Level program is designed to support teachers to become holders of the flame of Purna Yoga. Graduates at this level deepen their practice to go beyond learning, beyond living, to embodying the Light of Purna Yoga. They may choose to share and grow Purna Yoga by opening Purna Yoga studios, leading Purna Yoga Foundation Level teacher trainings in their area, teaching at Alive & Shine Center (formerly Yoga Centers), or by teaching Purna Yoga Meditation, among other ways.

At the Certificate Level you study directly with world-renowned yoga masters and Purna Yoga founders Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, you receive the gift of working with two teachers fervently dedicated to your progress and growth towards your Soul. The Certificate Level is our most rigorous program, holding you to the highest standards of excellence in your personal practice, your yoga teaching and your life.

This program delves deeply into Purna Yoga meditation, asana and pranayama, teaching methodology, therapeutics, applied philosophy, business, ethics, nutrition, and energetics. To fulfill the program’s intention and embody Purna Yoga, you must learn to live and teach from your inner wisdom—therefore, the greatest attention is placed on the development of your personal integrity, professionalism, and inner connection with light and truth.

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